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The Embassy/Consulate of Tanzania in Germany is an office of communication between the Tanzania Government and German government. It operates as the official representative of Tanzania in Germany. The following is major information about the Embassy of Tanzania in Berlin, Germany, and the way through which you can apply for your visa to Tanzania.

Information about the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in Berlin, Germany

As the official representation of the United Republic of Tanzania, the Embassy is responsible for all matters relating to foreign relations and for the promotion of friendly and cooperative relations between the Governments and peoples of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Federal Republic of Tanzania. Germany and other countries to which the Embassy is also accredited (the Republic of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Republic of Poland, Romania, the Slovak Republic, the Swiss Confederation and the Holy See).

The main task of the Embassy is to promote the economic and other interests of Tanzania. In this regard, the Embassy represents Tanzania's interests in a range of areas such as trade, finance, investment, tourism as well as education and culture. It reaches out to potential investors, businesses, governmental and non-governmental entities, etc. in the accredited areas and encourages them to do business with Tanzania, visit tourist attractions or undertake other activities aimed at strengthening ties with Tanzania .

The Embassy is also committed to safeguarding the interests of Tanzanians residing in the accredited areas.

The Tanzanian Embassy in Berlin offers a wide range of consular services: for local citizens, Tanzanian citizens, German citizens and citizens in Germany and its recognised countries.

  • Address: Eschenallee 11, 14050 Berlin, Charlottenburg, Westend, Germany
  • Tel.: +49 (0)30-3030800
  • Fax: +49 (0)30-30308020
  • Business hours: Monday - Friday - 09:30 to 16:30

    Visa Application

    10:00 - 13.00

List of services provided by Tanzania embassy in Germany

A: Consular activities

  • Visa Issuance
  • Renewal of Passports for Tanzanian Nationals Abroad
  • Renewal of Passports for Tanzanian Nationals Abroad
  • Issuance of Emergency Travel Documents (ETD) to Tanzanian nationals in distress abroad
  • Receipt and forwarding of application forms for renunciation of citizenship and corresponding certificates
  • Passport endorsement
  • Providing counselling services to Tanzanian nationals in distress

B: Commercial activities

  • Promotion of economic diplomacy
  • Promotion of investments
  • Promotion of tourism

C: Others

  • Facilitating co-operation between NGOs in Tanzania and NGOs in the area of our representation.
  • Conciliating cultural exchange between Tanzanian and the other countries in the area of our representation.

How to apply for a Tanzania visa from Germany?

Citizens or residents from us can choose one of three options below to apply for a visa to Tanzqania:

  • One, Contact and apply for a Tanzania visa in person at the Tanzania Embassy in Germany at the above address.
  • two, Upon arrival at the Tanzania airport, collect your visa on arrival at the visa counter. Please note that not all foreign passport holders can apply for a visa on arrival, so they should check with the nearest Tanzania Embassy for their country's specific visa requirements.
  • Third, apply for a Tanzania e-visa (recommended) to save time. This will allow you to obtain a Tanzanian visa approval letter before you leave the Germany for Tanzania so that you can pick up your Tanzanian visa at the airport on arrival. Visit our Visa Processing to better understand apply for a Tanzania visa from Germany 

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