Tanzania visa for Filipino - Tanzania visa for Philippine passport

Tanzania is the place to go if you always want to go on a once-in-a-lifetime safari, relax on the famous turquoise-blue beaches of Zanzibar, or push yourself to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. This vibrant and exciting African country has everything a traveler is looking for, from exciting adventures to interesting locals, delicious food, and breathtaking nature.

However, before you begin planning your trip to Tanzania, you should be aware that all Filipino citizens require a visa in order to enter the country legally. We'll walk you through everything you'll need to know to apply for a Tanzania visa for Filipino citizens.

1. Tanzania e-Visa for a Philippine passport:

In 2018, the Tanzania Government introduced the Tanzania Electronic Visa (e-Visa) to facilitate short-term international travelers’ visits.

Tanzania e-Visa is a system designed to save passengers time and energy by eliminating time-consuming and exhausting bureaucratic procedures, as well as to provide an alternative to visas issued at the Embassy/Consulate.

Nationals of selected countries, including Filipino passport holders, are eligible to obtain a Tanzania e-Visa.

Unlike applying for a traditional visa, there is no need to contact the embassy or consulate. Filipinos now can complete the process online in a matter of minutes.

Tanzania e-Visa for a Philippine passport

Tanzania e-Visa for a Philippine passport

2. Tanzania visa requirements for Filipino citizens.

There are only a few Tanzania visa requirements for Filipino citizens, and they are as follows:

  • A valid passport issued in the Philippines: Your Philippine passport must be current and valid for at least 06 months from the date you enter Tanzania. We also recommend that your passport has at least two blank pages in case the immigration official stamps it.
  • A digital passport photo: Similarly, you must provide a recent photo of yourself that was taken within the last 6 months. Your face should be centered and clearly visible in the photograph.
  • A scan of your passport’s biographical page.
  • A valid email address: You must enter a valid email address during the application process in order to receive notifications about the status of your Tanzania visa.
  • A valid payment method: Finally, in order to pay the necessary visa fees, you must have a valid debit or credit card.

Additional documents include:

  • Return/onward flight confirmation (Tourist, transit e visa)
  • Invitation letter + COI (Business visa)
  • A host ID card/passport and a letter from the host (if tourist with multiple entries)

If applicants from the Philippines have a passport that is set to expire in less than 06 months from the date they plan to arrive, they must first request its renewal.

Because the e-Visa and all other communications will be conducted solely via email, the Tanzania government recommends using an email address that Filipinos frequently use.

Finally, credit and debit cards must be authorized for online transactions and have enough funds to cover the e-Visa fee.

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Tanzania visa requirements for Filipino citizens

Tanzania visa requirements for Filipino citizens

3. Types of Tanzania visa for Philippine passport.

The first step in obtaining an Online Visa to Tanzania is determining which visa Filipinos nationals will require. There are currently four main visas available to Filipino tourists, which are as follows:

  • A single-entry Tanzania Tourist Visa: Single-entry tourist e visa, which is used for vacation, tourism, or medical purposes, allows Filipino travelers to enter Tanzania once, and stay there for a maximum of three months from the arrival date.
  • A multiple-entry Tanzania Visa: This is a visa designed specifically for people who plan to visit Tanzania on a regular basis. This visa allows visitors to stay in Tanzania for a maximum of three months per entry, and it is valid for a year from the entry date. One caveat is that in order to be considered for a Tanzania multiple-entry visa, the applicant must provide the invitation of a Tanzanian citizen and proper documentation demonstrating why they require such a visa.
  • A Tanzania Business Visa: The Tanzania Business Visa is valid for 03 months and allows visitors from the Philippines to stay for up to 90 days from the arrival date. This e visa is for Filipino citizens to enter the country for business or investing in Tanzanian companies. If they want to visit Tanzania for other purposes, such as meetings with political parties, journalists, or non-governmental organizations, they should be aware that the e-Visa does not apply. In these cases, they must apply for a standard visa.
  • A Tanzania Transit Visa: Filipinos passing through Sri Lanka on their way to the third destination with a connecting flight departing 7 days later must request a Tanzania Transit e-Visa. The Transit e-Visa is valid for 07 days and allows Filipino travelers to stay in the country up to 07 days from the arrival date.

Types of Tanzania visa for Philippine passport

Types of Tanzania visa for Philippine passport

4. How to apply for a Tanzania visa for Filipino citizens online?

Once Filipino citizens confirm they meet the aforementioned requirements, they can begin the Tanzania e-Visa application process.

The procedure is simple and quick, but travelers just need 15 minutes and a stable internet connection available.

They must provide the following personal and passport information:

  • First Name.
  • Last name.
  • Gender.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Country.
  • Passport.
  • Passport Number.
  • Phone Number.
  • Email address.
  • Date of arrival/departure.

After completing the form, we recommend that Filipino applicants double-check their answers to ensure that they are correct and error-free. Any errors or typos can cause the e-Visa application to be delayed or even denied.

Filipinos will proceed to the payment section to complete their e-Visa request after that. All major international credit cards and debit cards are accepted. As stated in the requirements section, applicants from the Philippines must ensure that their credit cards have been authorized for online payments and that they have sufficient funds.

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Apply for a Tanzania visa for Filipino citizens online

Apply for a Tanzania visa for Filipino citizens online

5. Tanzania visa fees for Filipino citizens.

Tanzania Immigration Services takes pride in its ability to provide high-quality service at a reasonable price. The cost of your visa is determined by the type of visa and the processing time you choose.

To apply for a Tanzania visa online, Filipino citizens must pay two (2) types of visa fees: a service fee and a government fee. Here are your options:

  • Tanzania e-Visa Standard: A standard e-Visa for Tanzania is processed in three business days. It's a good option for non-urgent and low-budget requirements.
  • Tanzania e-Visa Urgent: If you select this option, your visa will be processed within two days.
  • Tanzania e-Visa Super urgent: The application will be completed within one day.

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Tanzania visa fees for Filipino citizens

Tanzania visa fees for Filipino citizens

6. Traveling to Tanzania With the e-Visa from the Philippines.

It is recommended that Filipino citizens print a copy of the Tanzania e-Visa and keep it with their documents. When they arrive in Tanzania, they will be required to show the following documents at passport controls:

  • Original passport.
  • A printed copy of Tanzania's approved e-Visa.
  • A proof of sufficient funds to cover the duration of your stay in Tanzania.
  • A confirmed return ticket or a ticket to another location.

If Filipino visitors want to extend their stay in Tanzania, they can request an extension of their Tanzania e-Visa. They must make an appointment at either the Immigration Services Center in Tanzania. Prior to their appointment, they must ensure that they have a passport photo that meets the Tanzania passport photo requirements.

Tanzania is one of Asia's most popular tourist destinations. Foreign visitors are cautioned, however, to exercise caution, follow government updates, and stay up to date on recent developments and travel restrictions.

Filipinos can learn more about visiting Tanzania by visiting the Tanzania news section.

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