Tanzania Visa Photo Requirements: Everything You Need To Know

By Mabel Collins

Tanzania is a popular travel destination in East Africa, with its beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and diverse cultures attracting thousands of visitors every year. If you are planning to visit Tanzania, one of the first things you need to do is obtain a visa. Being part of the visa application process, you will need to provide a passport-sized photo that meets the Tanzania visa photo requirements

Keep reading this article, we will explain everything about these requirements and other criteria for an e-visa in order for travelers to follow.

The Size Of Tanzania Passport Photo Requirements 

Tanzania visa photo requirements are important because they help the government identify you as the visa applicant. The photo also helps to prevent fraud and forgery, which can compromise the integrity of the visa process. Meeting the requirements ensures that your application is processed quickly and without any delays. 

If travelers are confused about the size of Tanzania passport photo requirements, you can check all the information below. 

Tanzania visa photo specifications

  • Format - JPEG

  • Size: The photo should measure 2 inches by 2 inches or 35mm by 45mm.

  • Background: The background should be white or off-white and free of patterns or shadows. It should be plain and uniform in color.

  • Face: Your face should be centered in the photo and occupy between 70-80% of the frame. Your face should also be fully visible, with no hair or accessories blocking it.

  • Expression: You should have a neutral expression, with your mouth closed and your eyes open and looking directly at the camera.

  • Clothing: You should wear regular street clothing and avoid uniforms or clothing that might make you appear to be affiliated with a particular group or organization.

  • Headgear: You should not wear any headgear except for religious or medical reasons. If you wear headgear for religious reasons, it should not cover your face.

  • Glasses: You may wear glasses in the photo, but there should be no glare on the lenses, and your eyes should be fully visible.

  • Age: The photo should be recent and taken within the last six months.

  • Quality: The photo should be of high quality, with good resolution and sharpness.

  • Quantity - Travelers must submit at least 2 photographs of themselves to apply for an e-visa.

Travelers must meet the Tanzania visa photo requirements to apply for an e-visa

Travelers must meet the Tanzania visa photo requirements to apply for an e-visa

Other requirements needed for a Tanzania e-visa

The passport-sized photograph is important; however, in order to obtain an e-visa, travelers must prepare some other basic documents, such as below: 

  • A passport that has validity for more than 6 months when first arrived in Tanzania. Besides, it is required to have at least one blank page for stamping a visa. 

  • A photocopy (in color) of the biographical page of your passport. This type of document must be in PDF format with a minimum size of 10 KB and a maximum size of 300 KB.

  • A photograph that has enough specifications as mentioned above. 

  • A flight itinerary is required for applying for an e-visa. 

  • A host ID card in Tanzania 

  • A company COI if you are applying for a business e-visa. 

  • An active email - In order to obtain an electronic visa, travelers must have a valid email to receive it. 

Tanzania Visa Photo Requirements For Babies, Infants, And Newborns

The Tanzania visa application process is simple, and the regulations apply to both adults and children. If you need to photograph a baby, read the following recommendations to guarantee you capture the best shot possible to meet the Tanzania visa photo requirements

  • Keep the baby's eyes open to take a photo. In order to do that, your babies must have had a nice sleep the night before; so, on the next day, they will be in a good mood to prepare for the shooting. 

  • The backdrop must be white or plain white (depending on the visa or passport application), so put the infant on a blanket, bed sheet, or even a piece of paper.

  • If your kid is really small/young, we propose that you take the infant and place him/her in their car seat on the indicated white backdrop in the kitchen or dining room and snap the passport photo there.

Tips For Taking A Good Tanzania Visa Photo

1. Check the camera to ensure that all portions of your whole face are in focus.

2. Check your shot again to ensure that there are no shadows or other things in the background.

3. Select a neutral backdrop: Your photo's background should be simple and neutral. This includes staying away from busy patterns and bright colors.

4. Get the appropriate lighting: Your photo's lighting should be even, with no shadows or glares. Natural light is ideal, but if you're photographing indoors, make sure the lighting isn't too bright.

5. Use a good camera: Your photo should be of high quality, so use a good camera to take it. Avoid using a smartphone camera or a low-resolution camera.

6. Follow the guidelines: Make sure you follow all the Tanzania visa photo requirements listed above.

7. Check the photo before submitting: Before submitting your application, check the photo to make sure it meets all the requirements. If it doesn't, retake the photo.

Besides, applicants must also prepare other crucial papers in order to properly apply for an India e-visa. They contain a personal email address for receiving your e-visa as well as certain other papers based on the purpose of your visa application.

Not only photo requirements, but the e-visa application also requires a lot of additional documents

Not only photo requirements, but the e-visa application also requires a lot of additional documents

Travel To Tanzania With Just A Few Clicks

Traveling to Tanzania now is easier than ever; travelers just take some simple steps to apply for a visa. Once your visa is approved and accepted, you will have a ticket to travel to Tanzania right away. You can start your Tanzania visa application now after checking your visa requirements. The reason Tanzania Immigration Services encourage you to check your eligibility is due to the fact that the government only allows a number of countries to apply for an e-visa. 

For travelers who are traveling to Tanzania for the very first time, read more: Best Things To Do In Tanzania For An Unforgettable Vacation

In conclusion, obtaining a visa requires meeting certain Tanzania visa photo requirements, which are essential in ensuring the authenticity of your application. By following the guidelines and tips outlined in this article, you can take a photo that meets the requirements and is of good quality, which will prevent any delays in visa processing. A successful application will enable you to enjoy the diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes, and wildlife of Tanzania, making your trip a memorable one. As a result, it is critical to adhere to the Tanzania visa photo requirements and ensure that your application is accurate and complete.

If you are stuck at any step, please contact us at our Tanzania Immigration Services website for more information.