What Is The Validity of a Tanzania e-Visa for Germany?

The Tanzania Government established the electronic visa system to speed the visa application process, which helps applicants save both time and cost. German is eligible for a Tanzania electronic visa so that they can apply online. Each type of Tanzania eVisas has a different validity period:

  • Tanzania Tourist visa (single entry): German citizens traveling to Tanzania to enjoy the astonishing natural landscapes or visit their relatives in the country should apply for this visa. It is valid for 03 months from the arrival date. 
  • Tanzania Tourist visa (multiple-entry): Germans who travel to Tanzania frequently are eligible for a multiple-entry tourist visa. This visa allows German travelers to enter Tanzania multiple times within a year of its validity and stay there for a maximum of three months in a row. 
  • Tanzania Transit visa: is valid for 07 days from the entry date. German citizens wishing to transit through Tanzania should apply for this visa. A transit eVisa also permits them to stay in Tanzania and explore the country for up to 07 days.
  • Tanzania Business visa: German passport holders participating in business activities in Tanzania are required to obtain this type. It has a validity of 03 months from the arrival date with a single entry.