Is Zanzibar visa the same as Tanzania?

Zanzibar does not offer an eVisa, although citizens of several countries can obtain a Tanzania eVisa. Launched in 2018, the Tanzania eVisa is an online visa that enables citizens of qualified countries to travel to and within Tanzania. The Tanzania visa policy also covers Zanzibar, so the majority of travel permits issued allow the holder to visit both mainland Tanzania and the Zanzibar islands.

The Tanzania Electronic Visa, or eVisa, aims to improve security and streamline entry across the country. Those who don't have to wait in line to obtain a visa upon arrival can pass through border control more swiftly and simply if they have an eVisa. Therefore, Tanzania eVisa is becoming more and more popular with international visitors.

You can make an online application for the Tanzania eVisa before traveling to Zanzibar as long as you are eligible and have the required papers for entrance. The Tanzania electronic visa is valid for tourism and leisure purposes, such as a holiday in mainland Tanzania or Zanzibar or to visit family or friends. However, it is always best to check if your country is eligible for a Tanzania visa. For more details, please check the visa requirements here.