How many foreigners live in Tanzania?

As of 2021, the population of Tanzania is around 61 million. However, there is no specific number of foreigners living in Tanzania. Dar es Salaam is the most popular place for ex-pats to live in Tanzania. It’s a big and beautiful city which used to be the country’s capital. Most ex-pats choose to live there because of its modern life, and they can easily find markets, clubs, and restaurants.

Tanzania emerged as a young and dynamic nation, sharing borders with eight other African nations, and the Indian Ocean lies to the East. In recent years, Tanzania has become a popular destination for tourists and foreign nationals seeking to live in its diverse and captivating towns and cities, as well as exploring its stunning natural landscapes. Compared to Western countries and even more developed countries in Africa, the cost of living in Tanzania is much lower.

With abundant natural resources, many ex-pats in Tanzania work in the mining industry. Others come to participate in humanitarian projects in the region, while some find work in tourism, agriculture, and telecommunications. Construction has also become a growing sector in Tanzania, offering opportunities for individuals with the necessary skills. Despite being rich in natural resources, Tanzania has encountered various social problems, such as poverty and inequality. The severe poverty that many Tanzanian people experience comes as a shock to ex-pats from wealthier countries.

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