Do UK Citizens Need Yellow Fever Vaccination for Tanzania?

Yes. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is necessary for visitors to the UK who are 1 years of age or older and are arriving from nations where there is a danger of spreading the disease, as well as for visitors who have transited through a nation's airport for more than 12 hours.

UK citizens can easily and quickly obtain a visa for Tanzania thanks to the implementation of Tanzania's electronic visa system. The Tanzania Immigration Services website now allows British citizens to apply for a Tanzania eVisa electronically, doing away with the need to go in person to an embassy or consulate to acquire a visa. They spend roughly 15 minutes filling out the application form. British tourists should research Tanzania's visa requirements before visiting this amazing nation.

Tanzania has some standard visa requirements for nationals of the United Kingdom, like many other nations. Visitors from the UK must present the following papers in order to submit a full application for an e-Visa to Tanzania:

  • A British passport that is currently valid and has at least six months remaining after the date of your arrival in Tanzania
  • Scanned version of the UK passport's profile page
  • The email address used to send the confirmation message
  • With online processing fees, payment method is required
  • A British visitor's most recent passport-size photo
  • Return or onward flight confirmed.
  • COI and an invitation letter (if it is a business visa)
  • Host letter, passport, and ID (if traveler has multiple entries)

Many of the dangers that travelers confront cannot be avoided by delays or other risks involved

Always be aware of the greater dangers at your destination and take precautions. Remember to get travel insurance before leaving the country to prevent unexpected events.

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