Can I get my Tanzania visa at the airport?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a Tanzania visa upon arrival at the airport. However, this option is not available to all visitors. Currently, only nationals from certain countries are eligible to apply for a visa on arrival at the airport.

In addition, visitors can apply for a Tanzania visa in two ways. They can apply for a regular visa at the nearest Embassy or the Consulate, or you can apply for a Tanzania electronic visa online. The United Republic of Tanzania launched the Tanzania electronic visa system in November 2018 to hasten the visa application process and reduce the overload of visa applications at the Embassy. Holders of this visa can enter Tanzania for tourist activities, do short-term business in Tanzania, or simply transit through this country en route to other destinations.

Regarding the visa service fee, it is variable based on the type of visa service visitors use. Depending on the processing time visitors select for their visa application, a service fee is assessed. Customers of Tanzania Immigration Services have three options for this service: Normal, Urgent, and Super Urgent.

  • The Normal option is for visitors who have ample time to prepare their documents and is typically used in the majority of casual circumstances. Visitors can expect to receive their e-Visa in a maximum of 03 business days with this option, and it has the lowest price of $69 per applicant.
  • The Urgent option is for urgent instances where visitors require their visas sooner. With this option, applicants can expect to have their eVisa processed within 48 hours. As a result, they will be charged an extra fee for this service.
  • The Super Urgent option is used in situations where individuals holding visitor passports are about to board a flight but do not yet have a Visa for entry. With this unique service, they can receive their Visa in a guaranteed maximum of 24 business hours. This service is the most expensive of the three options.