How long can a UK citizen stay in Tanzania?

UK passport holders require a visa to enter Tanzania because the Tanzanian government has not excluded the UK from the list of countries exempt from visa requirements. UK citizens traveling to Tanzania for leisure, business, or transit should submit an application for a Tanzania eVisa. The Government of Tanzania developed Tanzania's e-visa system in 2018, enabling nationals of eligible countries to apply for a visa from the convenience of their home. The entire procedure takes place online as instead of the traditional method of obtaining a visa at the Embassy or Consulate.

Tanzania Immigration Services provides four types of electronic visas for UK tourists, each having a predetermined stay period:

  • Holders of a Tanzania tourist visa (single entry) are permitted to stay in Tanzania for a period of three months beginning on the day of arrival.
  • Tanzania Tourist Visa (Multiple Entry): Visitors from the United Kingdom who visit Tanzania on a regular basis are eligible for a multiple entry tourist visa. Tourists from the UK are permitted to enter Tanzania numerous times throughout the year that it is valid and remain there for up to three consecutive months with this visa.
  • Tanzania Transit Visa: The Tanzania transit visa is granted to UK residents who intend to transit through Tanzania and stay there for a brief period of up to seven days.
  • Tanzania Business Visa: The Tanzania Business Visa is for businesspeople who intend to travel to Tanzania in order to make investments in Tanzanian companies. With this visa, you can stay for up to 90 days after your arrival.