Do you need a yellow fever vaccine to go to Tanzania?

Yes. Visitors coming from countries where there is a risk of spreading the disease who are 1 year old or older, as well as visitors who have transited through a country's airport for longer than 12 hours, are required to present a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Foreign visitors who are planning to visit Tanzania should be aware that they must adhere to certain visa requirements, which are similar to those imposed on citizens of the United Kingdom and other countries. In order to apply for an e-Visa to Tanzania, foreign visitors must have a valid passport from their respective country with a minimum of six months' validity beyond their intended stay in Tanzania. They must also provide a scanned copy of the passport's profile page, an email address for receiving confirmation messages, and a means of payment for the online processing fees.

In addition, foreign visitors must provide a recent passport-size photograph, a confirmed return or onward flight ticket, and an invitation letter and COI (if applying for a business visa). If the visitor is planning to make multiple entries, they must also provide a host letter, passport, and ID.

It is important for foreign visitors to thoroughly research Tanzania's visa requirements before their trip to ensure that they have all the necessary documentation. Additionally, travelers should always remain aware of potential risks and take necessary precautions to stay safe while in Tanzania. It is highly recommended that visitors obtain travel insurance prior to departure to provide protection against unforeseen events.