Do UK citizens need a visa for Tanzania?

Yes. UK passport holders need a visa to enter Tanzania since the Tanzanian government has kept the UK on the list of countries with visa requirements. The Government of Tanzania developed Tanzania's e-visa system in 2018, allowing nationals of 150 qualifying countries to apply for a visa from the convenience of their homes. The only requirements for applicants are to complete the application form online home, submit us both the necessary paperwork, and pay the visa fee. Then, a PDF version of their Tanzanian visa will be sent to them through email. You'll notice that the entire process is completed online, minimizing the need to visit an Embassy or Consulate to apply for a visa as was previously required.

These types of e-visa is good for leisure and tourism-related activities like trips to Tanzania or Zanzibar or occasional visits to relatives and friends. A Transit visa is also available for travelers who want to pass through Tanzania headed straight to another nation. For UK citizens, there are four main types of eVisas for Tanzania: transit eVisas, business eVisas, and tourist eVisas with single or multiple entries. Each has a distinct function and a set duration of stay, so UK citizens should select the one that best fits their travel objectives. They are permitted a three-month stay in Tanzania with an eVisa.