Can I travel from Kenya to Tanzania without a passport?

No. If you are a US citizen transiting through Tanzania to reach Kenya, you can apply for a Tanzania Transit eVisa. This type of eVisa allows travelers to stay in Tanzania for a short period of time.

Tanzania Immigration Services provides four types of electronic visas for visitors, each with a predetermined stay period:

  • Tanzania Tourist Visa (Single Entry): Visitors are permitted to stay in Tanzania for a period of three months beginning on the day of arrival.
  • Tanzania Tourist Visa (Multiple Entry): Visitors who visit Tanzania on a regular basis are eligible for a multiple-entry tourist visa: Visitors are permitted to enter Tanzania numerous times throughout the year that it is valid and remain there for up to three consecutive months with this visa.
  • Tanzania Transit Visa: The Tanzania transit visa is granted to visitors who intend to transit through Tanzania and stay there for a brief period of up to seven days.
  • Tanzania Business Visa: The Tanzania Business Visa is for businesspeople who intend to travel to Tanzania in order to make investments in Tanzanian companies. With this visa, you can stay for up to 90 days after your arrival.

Visitors should carefully consider their travel plans and planned length of stay before choosing the right visa type. Visitors should also make sure they have all the required paperwork, including a passport that is still current, a photo ID, and a ticket for their flight. To prevent any possible problems or delays at the border, Tanzania Immigration Services advises applying for an electronic visa before arriving in Tanzania. To guarantee a worry-free journey, travelers should also think about purchasing travel health insurance.