Can I extend my stay in Tanzania with my e-Visa?

Except for a Business visa, you can extend your Tanzania eVisa for a longer stay in the country. As of November 2019, the only way to obtain a Tanzania eVisa extension is to visit the Immigration headquarters in Dar es Salaam. The street address of the Tanzania Immigration Headquarters is Loliondo Street, Kurasini, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In addition, you are also advised to contact your nearest Tanzanian Embassy or Consulate to get more information and support on eVisa extensions before making any further arrangements.

Before selecting the type of visa, you should be aware of your travel plan in Tanzania and how long you wish to stay there. There are 04 types of Tanzania eVisa available to citizens of eligible countries, each for a specified purpose: Tanzania Tourist visa (single entry or multiple entries), Tanzania Transit visa, and Tanzania Business visa. As the Business Visa is not a substitute for Residence Permit. As such, it cannot be extended nor renewed while the holder is still in the country. 

To obtain a Tanzania eVisa, applicants should first check whether they meet the visa requirements or not. Therefore, it is crucial to check the Tanzania visa requirements to prepare enough documentation for your visa application.