Tanzania visa requirements for Cambodian citizens

Cambodia is one of the countries that can apply for an electronic travel authorization, also known as a Tanzanian e-Visa, to enter Tanzania.

It is necessary to obtain a visa in order to enter the country, and Cambodians can apply online for an e-Visa to Tanzania without making prior appointments at the Tanzania Embassy or consulate.

The electronic version of Tanzania's visa allows foreigners visiting the country for tourism, business, or transit purposes to stay for up to three months.

1. Cambodian Citizens Need to Apply for a Tanzania e-Visa

Cambodians do require a visa to enter Tanzania. They should be aware, however, that there are various types of Tanzanian visas.

For example, if Cambodian travelers are visiting Tanzania for business, they should obtain a Tanzania business travel permit which allows them to stay in the country for 03 months from the arrival date with a single entry. If they have multiple visits planned throughout the year, they should apply directly for a multiple-entry Tourist e-Visa. With this visa, Cambodian nationals are allowed to stay in Tanzania for up to three months on each trip.

Tanzania's transit visa, on the other hand, allows the applicant to transit through Tanzania and explore the country for 07 consecutive days from the arrival date. Nonetheless, it is necessary to demonstrate that Cambodian travelers purchased a flight to another country other than Tanzania as the final destination of the trip.

In any case, it is critical that Cambodian travelers leave Tanzania before their visa expires, as remaining in the country with invalid travel authorization may result in legal consequences.

For Cambodians who want to stay for more than three months, the process must be completed in person at the Immigration Headquarters in Dar es Salaam.

Tanzania visa for Cambodian citizens

Tanzania visa for Cambodian citizens

2. Cambodian Nationals Need a Visa to Enter Tanzania.

Tanzania has a lot of wildlife, famous safaris, and beautiful landscapes, but one of the most popular tourist destinations for Africans like Cambodians and people from other continents is Zanzibar, which has beautiful beaches.

This island is part of Tanzania, but it operates as a semi-autonomous region. Cambodians must have an e Visa to Tanzania in order to enter the country.

Zanzibar has its own international airport, and after landing, border officials will ask tourists from Cambodia and other countries to show a Tanzania e-Visa and their passports. The same is true if Cambodians intend to arrive in Zanzibar by boat, as the harbor is on Tanzania's coast, and crossing its borders is required.

3. Tanzania visa requirements for Cambodian citizens.

To enter the country with an electronic visa as a Cambodian, you must meet Tanzania's e-Visa entry requirements, which are a very specific, limited set of conditions, terms, and documents that must be submitted.

To begin, Cambodian travelers must present a valid Cambodian passport that is valid for at least 06 months from the date of arrival in Tanzania, with a minimum of 02 blank pages for verification.

Tanzanian authorities may request additional documentation from Cambodians depending on the purpose of the trip and the electronic visa selected (single-entry or multiple-entry permit). This is especially true if the primary reason for the trip is business. For example, an invitation letter from a tour host with his/her ID will be required if you want to apply for a Tourist multiple entries 1 year e-visa. For a Business e-visa, you need to provide an invitation letter from the organization and a certificate of insurance. A return flight ticket is also important to ensure that you are not exceeding the three-month tourist visa limit.

Another requirement for Cambodians is an active email address, as the entire process is communicated via email and the e-Visa is sent as an attached document.

A valid credit or debit card is also required, as the final step for Cambodian applicants is to pay the visa fee. The payment process is extremely secure, and it only requires the card number and the CVV number.

Tanzania visa requirements for Cambodian citizens.

Tanzania visa requirements for Cambodian citizens.

4. How to Apply for Tanzania e-Visa from Cambodia?

The online application form for an e Visa to Tanzania takes only a few minutes to complete. Cambodians must complete registration by providing an email address and following the form's instructions.

The online form is well suited to various types of electronic devices, such as:

  • Laptops.
  • Smartphones.
  • Desktops.
  • Tablets.

It is strongly advised that Cambodian applicants have access to the internet and that there are no network outages.

Cambodian applicants must access the payment platform after filling out the form with all of their personal information (Full name, date of birth, nationality) and data from their passports. In our payment system, you have 02 options either online (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal) or via direct deposit (HSBC transaction).

Following payment of the Tanzania e-Visa fee, the document will be emailed to Cambodians at the email address used when registering.

Cambodians should be aware that possessing a valid e-Visa does not guarantee entry into Tanzania. The border control authorities are the most recent to decide whether foreigners can enter.

Cambodians' eVisas to Tanzania are usually approved and sent within three business days. However, there may be times when there is a delay.

Cambodian nationals are advised to begin their online process in advance to avoid problems before the departure date.

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Apply for Tanzania e-Visa from Cambodia.

Apply for Tanzania e-Visa from Cambodia.

5. Cost of a Tanzania visa for Cambodian passport holders.

The Tanzania visa fee for Cambodian citizens varies depending on the type of visa and number of entries of the applicant's visit. To apply for a Tanzania visa from Cambodia, you must pay two (2) types of visa fees: the service cost and government cost.

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You can get your e-Visa quickly instead of waiting weeks for your local embassy to process your visa application. All you have to do is apply for an e-Visa from your computer, tablet, or phone and wait for it to arrive via email. You have a variety of processing times options following list:

  • Tanzania Standard e-Visa: is processed in 03 business days. It's a good option for non-urgent and low-budget requirements.
  • Tanzania Urgent e-Visa: If you select this option, your visa will be processed within 02 business days.
  • Tanzania Super Urgent e-Visa: The application will be completed within 01 business day.

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Cost of a Tanzania visa for Cambodian passport holders.

Cost of a Tanzania visa for Cambodian passport holders.

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