Tanzania visa for Beninese citizens: Requirements and Costs

Tanzania is a remarkable nation that offers countless chances for adventurers, business travelers, and other types of tourists to stay for a short time. The Tanzania e-Visa for Beninese citizens is required if you wish to go to Tanzania. Find all the most recent and thorough details you'll need to apply for a Tanzania visa right here. At Tanzania Immigration Services, we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest quality assistance and service possible.

1. What is the Tanzania e-Visa for Beninese citizens?

There are numerous reasons to visit Tanzania, and the Tanzania e-Visa is the document that will let you do it.

The Tanzania e-Visa application form and a guide on getting your e-Visa are both available on our website. Let's apply for a Tanzania e-Visa for Beninese nationals on the Tanzania Immigration Services website if you're planning a trip there.

There are several types of Tanzania e-Visas available, each one tailored to the applicant's reason for travel and previous visa history. The following is a list of several kinds of Tanzania e-Visas that Beninese citizens can apply for online:

  • A Single-entry Tanzania tourist visa.
  • A Multiple-entry Tanzania tourist visa.
  • A Tanzania transit visa.
  • A Tanzania business visa.

Tanzania e-Visa for Beninese citizens

Tanzania e-Visa for Beninese citizens.

2. Tanzania visa requirements for Beninese citizens.

If you are a citizen of Benin and are interested in applying for a Tanzanian visa, the first step is to determine the type of visa you need. Once you have made this decision, you may assemble the necessary documents and paperwork to submit your application:

  • A passport issued by Benin - Your passport's validity must be at least 06 months or more in the future from the time you plan to enter Tanzania.
  • Biometric passport page - A scan of the biometric information page of your passport must be submitted. Typically, the traveler's portrait and personal data are located on page one of the passport (passport number, full name, expiration date, and so on).
  • A digital passport-style photo - You should obtain a photograph of yourself that was taken within the recent six months in which your face is clearly visible in the middle of the frame.
  • A valid email address - Provide a valid email address to keep you updated on the progress of your Tanzania visa application.
  • A valid payment method - To cover the cost of your visa application, you'll need a credit card or debit card. PayPal or American Express is also acceptable.
  • A letter of invitation and the identification of the host is required in order to apply for a Tourist e-visa valid for multiple entries within a single year.
  • For a Business e-visa, you'll need a letter of invitation from the organization company and a certificate of incorporation.
  • A return flight ticket is also required

Requirements of Tanzania visa for Beninese citizens

Requirements of Tanzania visa for Beninese citizens.

3. How to apply for a Tanzania Visa from Benin?

Citizens of Benin need to fill out the application form in full to be granted a Tanzania visa. Here are the steps to get a Tanzania e-Visa for Beninese citizens:

  • The first step of applying for a Tanzania e-Visa from Benin is to fill out an online Tanzania visa application form. This form asks you a few basic questions about yourself (such as your full name, date of birth, and nationality), your contact information (email), and passport information (passport number). The application form is simple and takes applicants fifteen minutes to complete.
  • In the second step, you are required to pay the application fee and wait for an email confirmation. After that, you need to send us some supporting documents for us to proceed with your visa application. Tanzania visas are typically processed in three days, but this may be extended due to high demand or other factors.
  • Finally, after receiving approval for your e-Visa through email, you should print a copy to bring with you in case you are checked by customs or immigration officials at the border.

Beninese visitors who travel to Tanzania may prefer to spend a considerable amount of time there. After arriving in Tanzania, you can complete this process at the immigration office in Dar es Salaam.Apply for a Tanzania Visa from Benin

Apply for a Tanzania Visa from Benin.

4. Cost of Tanzania visa for Beninese passport holders.

A Tanzania visa for Beninese citizens has a range of prices, depending on factors like the kind of visa and the applicant's intended length of stay in Tanzania. When applying for a Tanzania visa from Benin, you must pay two (2) Tanzania visa fees: service and government fees.

With an e-Visa, you don't have to wait weeks for the embassy in your home country to process your visa application. You can apply for an e-Visa on a computer, tablet, or smartphone and receive it emailed to you. The following processing times options are available to you:

  • Tanzania Standard e-Visa: is processed in 03 business days. It's a good option for non-urgent and low-budget requirements.
  • Tanzania Urgent e-Visa: If you select this option, your visa will be processed within 02 business days.
  • Tanzania Super Urgent e-Visa: The application will be completed within 01 business day.

Read more: Tanzania Visa processing time.

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Tanzania visa fees for Beninese passport holders

Tanzania visa fees for Beninese passport holders.

5. What entry points are available for Beninese passport holders to enter Tanzania?

With an eVisa, a Beninese citizen can enter the United Republic of Tanzania at one of the following points:

  • Julius Nyerere International Airport - DAR - Dar es Salaam
  • Kilimanjaro International Airport - JRO - Kilimanjaro
  • Mwanza International Airport - MWZ - Mwanza
  • Other checkpoints are in Namanga, Sirari, Holili, Horohoro, Kasumulu, Rusumo, Mtukula, and Tunduma.