Tanzania e-Visa requirements for American Samoan citizens

You should apply for an eVisa at least one week before you wish to fly or enter Tanzania if you are an American Samoan citizen planning a vacation there. For American Samoan nationals, both single-entry and multiple-entry visas are acceptable. On our website, we provide a service that can help American Samoan nationals get a Tanzania visa in just a few days.

This Tanzania e visa is available without going to the embassy in their country. All you have to do is read the articles about the Tazania visa requirements for American Samoan citizens that we've mentioned below.

1. Tanzania visa requirements for American Samoan citizens.

Citizens of American Samoa who wish to apply for a Tanzania visa in advance of their trip from their home country must first ensure that they meet all Tanzania visa requirements. As part of your application for a tourist visa to Tanzania, please have the following documents ready:

  • Passports from American Samoa must be valid for a minimum of 06 months from the date of entry into Tanzania and has at least 2 blank pages for special notes and exit/ entry stamps.
  • A photocopy of the biographical page from a valid passport.
  • A current photo of applicants from American Samoa.
  • Email address where you can be reached in case further documents are required on your Tanzania e-Visa.
  • An invitation letter and the company COI (for business e-visa).
  • A tour host ID card/passport and an invitation letter from the host (for Tourist e-visa multiple-entry).

Visitors from American Samoa entering Tanzania will need to show proof of onward or return travel plans, including airline tickets, so immigration officials can ensure their stay falls within the visa's allowed duration.

Tanzania visa requirements for American Samoan citizens

Tanzania visa requirements for American Samoan citizens.

2. Types of Tanzania e-Visa for American Samoan citizens.

The appropriate visa application for American Samoan tourists to Tanzania is dependent on the purpose of their visit, the length of their stay, and other factors. We offer four different visa options for American Samoans:

  • A single-entry tourist visa: The Tanzanian government issues single-entry tourist visas to citizens of American Samoa for stays of up to three months. These visas can be used for tourism, recreation.
  • A multiple-entry tourist visa: Tourists from American Samoa who intend to frequently visit Tanzania can apply for a multiple-entry visa. This visa is valid for an entire year and allows you to stay in Tanzania for up to three months.
  • A transit visa: A transit visa is available to American Samoan citizens whose stay in Tanzania would be less than seven days.
  • A business visa: Visitors from American Samoa who wish to work temporarily in Tanzania or invest in a company in the country can do so with the help of a business visa. This business visa allows you to enter the nation once, and stays are limited to three months from the date of admission.

Tanzania e-Visa for American Samoan citizens

Tanzania e-Visa for American Samoan citizens.

3. How to apply for a Tanzania e-Visa from American Samoa?

After American Samoan citizens are certain they have selected the correct visa and met all requirements for American Samoans to travel to Tanzania, the brief Tanzania eVisa application form can be completed in a short amount of time.

Details on the applicant's travel plans in Tanzania, as well as their full name, date of birth, country of birth, and passport number, need to be provided on the form. Before submitting, please take the time to read the disclaimer and ensure that you agree to all of its terms.

All applicants from American Samoa must include a valid email address to which they have access, as this is how they will be notified after their eVisa application has been received. In most situations, applicants will receive an email with visa information once the Ministry of Home Affairs has evaluated their application. However, in some cases, an applicant may be required to visit the Embassy or consulate to submit further facts.

Please be aware that a valid visa is no guarantee of entry into Tanzania, the immigration officer at the border has the final decision. A copy of your application and itinerary is highly recommended to have on hand at the border check.

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Apply for a Tanzania e-Visa from American Samoa

Apply for a Tanzania e-Visa from American Samoa

4. Cost of Tanzania visa for American Samoa passport holders.

The  Tanzanian visa fees for a citizen of American Samoa may change based on the type of visa requested and the number of times the traveler plans to enter Tanzania. American Samoans seeking a Tanzania visa must pay both a service fee and a government fee.

Knowing that you may need an e-Visa soon, Tanzania Immigration Services is prepared to assist you. We offer three process time options at three distinct price points. I'll give you three options:

  • Tanzania Standard e-Visa for American Samoans: is processed in 72 business hours. It's a good option for non-urgent and low-budget requirements.
  • Tanzania Urgent e-Visa for citizens of American Samoa: If you select this option, your visa will be processed within 48 business hours.
  • Tanzania Super Urgent e-Visa for American Samoa residents: The application will be completed within 24 business hours.

You can make the online payment using either electronic payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal) or via direct deposit.

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Preparing for your trip to Tanzania from American Samoa by purchasing travel insurance is a smart move that will improve your trip in every way.

Cost of Tanzania visa for American Samoa passport holders

Cost of Tanzania visa for American Samoa passport holders.